01 Jul / 13 Jul 2022


TKM XOXO, Olga de Dios, Fanny Brodar, Yana Medow, Guillermo Velasco Páez, Gómez Bueno


Pink is the colour of love, community, energy and freedom, Valentino wrote on Instagram before presenting his pink 2022 collection in Paris. 

The group exhibition PINK! that opens the summer programme of the EXHIBIT gallery brings together a group of remarkable works by 5 international artists: TKM XOXO (Spain, 1986), Olga de Dios (Spain, 1979), Fanny Brodar (Norway, 1971), Yana Medow (Russia, 1980), and Guillermo Velasco Páez (Spain, 1992), who use this colour in their recent works.
Undoubtedly influenced by the aesthetics of advertising, fashion, urban painting, social networks and the media, the artists have incorporated fluorine shades and, in particular, pink in all its vibrations into their palettes. In this way they connect with a global aspiration for hedonism, connection, recreation and sensuality provoked by these turbulent times.