20 Apr / 20 Jun 2024


Gary Baseman, Tim Biskup, Clayton Brothers, Ray Caesar, Víctor Castillo, Camille Rose García, Gary Taxali

GARY TAXALI. Well thought out plan, 2009. Alkyds oils on mansonite. 121 x 162 cm.

Low Brow or Pop Surrealism, an artistic movement born in the 70s in Los Ángeles, is considered an underground culture in the United States. 

This term is used to describe a bad taste art, which combines kitsch with comic aesthetic, urban art, or pop culture icons. During the nineties, thanks to Robert Williams and his publications in Yuxtapoz Magazine, a lot of Low Brow representative artworks and artists were known, some of them present in this exhibition. 

Although Low Brow is an starting point, some of the included artworks don´t belong  completely to this artistic movement. However, they take some characteristic motfis, concepts, techniques or references that Low Brow artists use.