18 Jan / 30 Mar 2024


Fanny Brodar

The yummiewst cookie ever, 2022. Acrylic, oil stick and spray on canvas. 150 x 150 cm

Like Rose Wylyie, the British master she admires so much, Fanny Brodar is particularly fond of creating large-scale paintings on raw canvas.

The artist’s characters are superimposed in this unreal yet uniquely artistic space, forming ranks, appearing upside down on the sides of the work or in chaotic swirls that seem to want to remind us that the most beautiful moments in life are children’s parties.

Fanny Brodar’s impressive late-blomming career is partly explained by how easy it is to share her message, drawn from child psychology. The optimism and resilience her characters convey comes from her own childhood and the power she discovered in drawing to communicate with ever-loving friends. Big Bird, Ernie and a vintage Mickey Mouse come to our party and we share with them the most delicious biscuits.