Redrick Stevens


Redrick Stevens grew up around the late 90s/early 2000s graffiti scene in Bristol (UK).

The freedom, energy and scale of this work served as an early inspiration. As a result, his work is usually on large-scale canvases using spray paint and oil, reminiscent of that aesthetic. Red’s work is mainly concerned with the stories we tell ourselves as a society and the effects these fictions have on our culture.
Ghosts, angels, aliens and cryptids are common elements of the work which explores lore, folk stories and paranormal tales. The ghost is a repeating element in many of Red’s pieces, hinting at representations of the modern worker. Scenes taken from paranormal reports are also depicted, these are our modern folk tales.
When juxtaposed with the modern era we live in, the paranormal and mythological are vehicles in which this artwork opens discourse on politics, consumerism, and society.