Guillermo Velasco Páez

SPAIN, 1992

During the months of home confinement, we have all found ourselves with long gaps in our daily routine that were previously devoted to some activity or outdoor leisure. […]

This fact has led me to recall the time I spent in front of the TV as a child and how what I saw there has been and is to this day part of my education and the adult I am. I believe that those long hours of crazy cartoon stories or science fiction films have generated in my head a register through which I filter everyday life situations, forging my behaviour and giving me a unique and peculiar way of interpreting things. The time I have spent in front of the TV was not time wasted, I now know that I was documenting myself, creating an archive that I can use for my work. Seeing how these factors have been so relevant for an entire generation that grew up in front of the television and was later swallowed up by the internet, has led me to want to work on the educational process, the conditioning factors of childhood education and the importance that these have on the personality of the future adult and their day to day life in the society for which they were supposedly prepared.