Alvar Mena

SPAIN, 1988

My work seeks to materialise the dialogue with the collective imaginary, made up of infinite elements, fragments, characters and significant charges.

From a certain formal nostalgia and through a process consisting of different phases, almost never ordered and partially conscious, the image tries to capture an instant of the uninterrupted relationship between human and culture, between thought and language, between different realities whose natures intermingle.

Tattoos, bestiaries or the Backstreet Boys are presented, among other objects, as fundamental nodes on which I articulate a story that embraces malformation as a natural, if not necessary, consequence of human interaction, and which connects with the culture of the MEME, a unit of information whose mysterious genesis highlights the obsolescence of categories and speaks of universality through cultural automatism and in whose process we people become mere repeaters, with the noise that this entails. Within this framework, my work is not so much about issuing a new message, but about capturing an interference.

The cat is alive and dead and playing the piano at the same time.